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Freelance Photographer Williamsburg **Freelance Photographer Williamsburg**

* Freelance

* Posted 5 months ago

* Salary: USD $60.00

**Shaka Shoots!**

Spend Less. Smile More.

Shaka Shoots! Spend Less. Smile More.

The main requirement for Shaka Shoots ???????? photographers is a passion for photography. Whether you are looking to turn a hobby into a career, or if you are a professional looking for extra flexible income, you MUST be passionate about portrait photography and excel in creative work.

The Benefits of joining the Shaka Shoots ???????? Team

* Flexible working hours

* Competitive payment rates

* A chance to work in different locations

* NO editing involved

* Flexible contract

* Meet travelers from across the world

* Enhance your photography skills and portfolio,

* and make some bank.

Working for Shaka Shoots ???????? will give you the flexibility and creativity to enhance your photography skills. We want photographers who are passionate about portrait photography and enjoy meeting new people.

We want our photographers to be proud of their location and proud to show it off to our customers.

We pride ourselves on high standards for our customers. The Shaka Shoots ???????? Photographer should be professional, always arriving on time and with the customers safety in mind. Great communication with clear and precise instructions is a key element in producing great pictures.

Our first choice language is English. Our photographers must possess fluent English to communicate well with our customers.

A minimum of two years of natural light experience is required to join our team. We are looking for an extensive online portfolio to showcase your skills of creativity, composition, lighting, and storytelling photography.

To produce professional pictures you must have professional equipment. This should include a backup camera, memory cards (memory cards for the customers will be provided), batteries, and access to a PC or laptop.

90% of our photo shoots will be in natural light, so experience of natural light conditions is a must. Also, our ideal candidates will have experience working on weddings, lifestyle, family, and influencer shoots.

To apply for this job **email your details to**

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